2019 Planning Committee

Below is a list of the core members who work to make the 15th Annual Heartland Diversity Legal Job Fair a reality.
Thank you to our team for all of their hard work.

KCMBA Heartland Diversity Legal Job Fair Committee

Co-Chair – Matthew DePaz

KCMBA Diversity Section Leadership

President – Henry J. Thomas
President-Elect –  James A. Breckenridge
Immediate Past President –  G. Gabriel Zorogastua
Secretary/Treasurer –  R. Travis Willingham
Senior Member-at-Large –  Ashley M. Barton
Junior Member-at-Large –
 Marcus McLaughlin

KCMBA Diversity Education Committee

Co-Chair – Seema Chawla
Co-Chair – Gillian Ruddy Wilcox
Vice Chair – Johnda R. Boyce

KCMBA Diversity Recruitment and Retention Committee

Co-Chair – Sharon L. Ivy
Co-Chair – Kendall Seal
Vice Chair – J. Toji Calabro

KCMBA Diversity Membership and Social Committee

Co-Chair – Jared D. Bustamante
Co-Chair – Marcus McLaughlin
Vice Chair – Callie Raitinger