Top 10 Tips for Interviewing

Top 10 Tips for Interviewing

1. Attire. Dress professionally and conservatively. A blue, black, gray or brown suit is most appropriate. Do not wear any jewelry or items that might grab the attention of the interviewer.

2. Ask Questions. Prepare at least two questions to ask the interviewer. The questions should not have obvious answers that can be found on an employer’s website for instance.

3. Research the Employer. If possible, research the individual who will be conducting the interview as well.

4. Writing Sample. Bring extra copies of your writing sample. Remember, if your writing sample is a document that you have produced in connection with your past employment at a law firm, please edit the writing sample to remove confidential information.

5. Achievements. Try to stress your achievements when discussing your qualifications for the position.

6. Resume. Proofread and memorize your resume. Know all of the information contained on your resume and be prepared to discuss it.

7. Distractions. Do not chew gum. Again, do not create any distractions.

8. Comments. Do not make unnecessary derogatory remarks about your present or former employers.

9. Maturity. Display poise and maturity.

10. Communication. Display that you are a great communicator. Always open and close the interview with a firm handshake and maintain eye contact during the interview.