Top 10 Tips for Interviewing

Top 10 Tips for Interviewing

1. Attire. Plan your interview attire the night before.  Research the employer to learn what’s appropriate.  When in doubt, professional attire will help you feel more confident and make a good first impression.

2. Ask Questions. The interview process is a two-way street.  Employers expect you to ask questions:  they want to know that you are serious about the opportunity.

3. Research the Employer. If possible, research the individual who will be conducting the interview as well.

4. Writing Sample. Bring extra copies of your writing sample. Remember, if your writing sample is a document that you have produced in connection with your past employment at a law firm, please edit the writing sample to remove confidential information.

5. Achievements. Try to stress your achievements when discussing your qualifications for the position.

6. Resume. Proofread and memorize your resume. Know all of the information contained on your resume and be prepared to discuss it. Be prepared with examples of your work experiences.

7. Focus. Keep your answers concise and focused.  Your time with each interviewer is limited so be mindful of rambling.  Practicing your answers in advance will help you remain focused.

8. Comments. When responding to questions or sharing anecdotes, tie them back to your skills and accomplishments.  These are opportunities to address requirements listed in the job description.

9. Maturity. Display poise and maturity. Being genuine and authentic throughout the interview conversations can help employers easily relate to you.

10. Communication. Display that you are a great communicator. Respond truthfully to the questions asked. Focus on your strengths, lived experience, and why your background makes you uniquely qualified for the job.